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Cleaning Services

Residential Cleaning.

  • We offer comprehensive residential cleaning.
  • Gardening.
  • Swimming pool maintenance.

Commercial Cleaning

  • We offer comprehensive office cleaning.
  • Floor stripping and polishing.
  • High wall and window cleaning.
  • Carpet, Curtains and upholstery cleaning.
  • Kitchen and Cold rooms.
  • Cleaning of washrooms and provision of sanitary services.


  • Spray of rodents.
  • Termites.
  • Snake repellents.
  • Bats
  • Cockroaches.
  • Disinfect manholes and septic tanks.
  • Candy works with highly experience professional staffs.  Our objective is to provide the best in your Bungalows/villas, apartments, industries, offices etc.

Garbage Collection.

  • Segregation of garbage
  • Weighing of garbage
  • Supply of dustbin liners

Sanitary Bins Services.

  • Provision of sanitary bins.
  • Regular change, cleaning and maintenance of the bins.

Landscaping Services

Our specialty in landscaping provides quality management in the growth and direction of your flowers, shrubs, trees and grass instantly increasing the value of your compound, motivating all those around the gardens by being in harmony with nature. We transform terrains from rugged, uneven, desolate, soil heaped, bushy and debris filled to serene manicured lawns and flower gardens that are aesthetically pleasing, beautiful and peaceful custom made to fit your pockets, style, and vision.

Floor Sanding and Vanishing

Floor sanding and varnishing are extremely important for maintenance of the natural look and beauty of your wooden or parquet floor. This needs to be conducted on a regular basis to restore your valuable wooden floor to an exquisite condition. At Good Living Limited we understands the great importance of these two procedures which is why we provide high quality and effective wood floor sanding and varnishing for a great appearance and feel.

Post Builder’s Construction & Commercial Property Cleaning

Whether you are rebuilding or remodeling the spaces that you live, work or play in, it is important for the space to be clean for ongoing construction, inspection, final presentation, lease or sale. For successful inspection and presentation, you will require clean, well-organized walls, crawl spaces, ceilings, and floors. Do not let your debris, dust and dirt hold you back. Good Living limited, Post builders team will be your partner for preconstruction and post construction clean-up to ensure hygienic and conducive habitation of your just constructed space.

Swimming Pool Cleaning

Establishing a cleaning routine for your swimming pool can be a tedious but important aspect of pool safety and maintenance. Swimming pools present a hidden danger if the chlorinated pool of fun goes untreated or unmaintained. Preserve your life and that of your loved ones using Good Living Limited. Professional pool cleaning services that will keep you and your pool safe.

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